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strong keto bhb
The focus is mainly on the points you have. That means you can eat just about anything. Are you hungry for chocolate? With Weight Watchers this is not a problem, as long as you do not exceed your 'credit balance'. Because there are no prohibited products, the diet is longer and easier to maintain. You also get support and control through the program. This can be motivating, so that the diet can be maintained for longer. This way you get extra support.You focus on the number of points of a product and not on the nutritional value. Because of this you can get a shortage of proteins, fats or carbohydrates. Many Dutch people eat too little protein and too many bad carbohydrates. This pattern can be maintained during the program. Because the program focuses on the number of points (so the number of calories) it can also turn out unhealthy; you can also 'use up' your points for poor nutrition, such as fast food. The freedom to choose what you want to eat also has a downside. This can also prevent you from paying close attention to the signals your body gives, for example when you are full. An important part of switching to a healthier diet is to eat no more than your body needs.
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