Zoiper Free (desktop)


Zoiper Free (desktop)

نرم افزار تلفني Zoiper با پشتيباني از 2 پروتكل SIP و IAX (نسخه رايگان)

ويژگي هاي برنامه:

  • make and receive calls though multiple SIP and IAX accounts and lines while confident in the security of your conversation
  • receive faxes and send them from any Windows application through the Zoiper Fax printer driver
  • initiate calls straight from your mailprogram - Zoiper Classic BIZ is integrated with your Outlook and Thunderbird
  • pre-provision Zoiper in order to make your employees and your customers’ calling experience even smoother – XML provisioning
  • record calls (single file recordings)
  • initiate and handle conference calls
  • Use Zoiper Classic API to customize and control Zoiper’s functionality and to integrate Zoiper into other communication solutions or CRM application
نام فایل:
نسخه: 3.9
اندازه فایل: 4 KB
نوع فایل: application/octet-stream
بازدید: 4821 بازدید
تاریخ ایجاد: 10-11-1395
آخرین بروزرسانی: 10-11-1395

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