X-lite (Desktop Edition)


X-lite (Desktop Edition)

معروف ترين تلفن نرم افزاري با پشتيباني از پروتكل SIP و مكالمه تصويري

ويژگي‌هاي برنامه:

  • Open Standards based next generation telephony client
  • Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) based signaling for all interactive media sessions
  • Enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) for voice & video calls
  • Security offering signaling & media encryption via TLS and SRTP streams
  • Performance Management of the SIP end-point
  • High Compression codec support
  • Comprehensive Personal Address Book, including detailed calls lists and history
  • Zero-Touch Configuration of your audio or video devices
  • Microsoft Outlook® 2003 integration allowing users to import their address book into their eyeBeam contact list and dial  directly from the application
  • IM & Presence Management
  • Multi-party and ad hoc Voice and Video Conferencing [IP & PSTN]
  • Voice & Video Call Recording
  • Detachable & Sliding Drawers for quick Video and Contact information
  • Toast pop-ups allowing the management of incoming calls
نام فایل:
نسخه: 4.9.3
اندازه فایل: 4 KB
نوع فایل: application/octet-stream
بازدید: 4661 بازدید
تاریخ ایجاد: 10-11-1395
آخرین بروزرسانی: 10-11-1395

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